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Author - Topic: [NAMM 2011] American Audio VMS4 v2 & VMS2 -


Atomix Productions
GUI Developer
Posted Fri 07 Jan 11 @ 5:23 pm
groovindj wrote :
I REALLY hope they've got a plan in place to deal with all the owners of the original, who've had it less than six months.....

If not, their rep (what there is of it!) will go down the pan faster than a very fast thing going fast on fast day.

I hope that too. But i can not imagine how. One thing that bothers me also, is that the price of the VMS4 (ver I) will drop down baddly, so selling the old one will make me lose money.


Professional edition user
Posted Wed 12 Jan 11 @ 1:43 pm
It looks like there will be a new VMS4 V2 a 2 channel version bundled with Virtual DJ LE, a VMS4 with Traktor and also a new VMS4 bag.


Atomix Productions
GUI Developer
Posted Wed 12 Jan 11 @ 3:42 pm
Too much noise for nothing, i guess
VMS2, another 2 chanel controler in the market..
VMS4 with Traktor, ok tells me nothing
Bag? Thank you very much, i already bought a case.


Experienced pro user
Posted Wed 12 Jan 11 @ 4:01 pm

• 2-Channel Midi Controller
• Bundled with Virtual DJ LE Software
• 2x Midilog™ Channels (Compatible with any “Midi
Software”* or Analog Inputs - such as CD Players,
Turntables, etc.)
• 1 Mic with Gain, backwards Tone Control
• Crossfader Curve Adjustment (Adjustable Crossfader curve)
• Balanced XLR Outputs
• 4 In/ 4 0ut Audio Interface
* Mapping or Learn feature required in software.


Ultra-VIP Member
Posted Wed 12 Jan 11 @ 4:02 pm
Could the VMS2 be the new RMX??

Have to wait and see

P.S. Djdad im on my phone so ill let you know if those codes work here in a bit.


Experienced pro user
Posted Thu 13 Jan 11 @ 4:10 pm 4 4 4
check out the Prices (inc. VAT) THE MK1 was price at £399 with virtual dj le or traktor (usa) this is the two new units out now £999 for 2 or 4 channel ?

what a price bumb up


Atomix Productions
GUI Developer
Posted Thu 13 Jan 11 @ 4:43 pm
No way ! This is maybe a mistake or just this webpage automatically displays 999 by default for new products.

The price for the VMS2 will be something between 250-300 euros. and the price for VMS4 will be more or less the same as ver1

Yesterday a Greek user called (Greek Dealer) and informed him that VMS2 will be available early April at a price between 250 and 300 euros.


Professional edition user
Posted Thu 13 Jan 11 @ 4:51 pm
Does American Audio not know you can run 4 decks on VDJ? somebody should tell them...


Experienced pro user
Posted Thu 13 Jan 11 @ 4:54 pm
this is what is the price they do not make mistakes i may phone them when open & ask .this site mk1 with traktor £529
by the way the vms4 v2 is it only bundled with traktor for the usa market or not


Experienced pro user
Posted Thu 13 Jan 11 @ 5:31 pm
That's Deck's own bundle - nothing to do with this new release.

All they've done is add on the (original pre price cut) price of Traktor to the first VMS4.

That's been on the site for a long time.


Professional edition user
Posted Thu 13 Jan 11 @ 6:03 pm
America Audio should be ashamed for putting out the VSM4 with all the problems it has. Don't they test the product first; what kind of testing do they do. I would think they would give it to at least 5 Dj and let them try it for a couple months before giving it the ok. I suspect American Audio knew about the problems with the controller and still put it out. Instead of recalling the product, they left it out there, now they are creating a new version with less problems. A company like that should be boycotted because they obviously only care about money and not about the Deejays that buys their products. I am so happy I did not get one and If you are a DJ that bought one, then you should have taken it back when it gave problems.


VIP Member
Posted Thu 13 Jan 11 @ 8:44 pm
This shit pisses me off. What a bullshit promo... its like they are releasing a new product and its basically the same! A bag doesnt count.

All original VMS4 users should be able to do a direct swap. What a joke!


Senior Moderator
Posted Thu 13 Jan 11 @ 8:47 pm
That model looks rather nerdy......can't they hire a hot chick to hold the controllers?? I'm sending mine back now... ;^)


VIP Member
Posted Thu 13 Jan 11 @ 11:50 pm
This is why i buy products cheaper than what is adverstised. If i have to sell it, i wont lose a penny. I bought my Vms4 last year in August and sold it a month later for the same price. For my next compact controller, I am going to wait alittle longer for more feed back.


Professional edition user
Posted Fri 14 Jan 11 @ 1:22 am
Caveat emptor!

Learn the phrase peeps!


VIP Member
Posted Fri 14 Jan 11 @ 6:04 am
Bag looks kinda cool though... Might get one for my MC-6000 ;-)



Ultra-VIP Member
Posted Wed 09 Feb 11 @ 10:49 am
looks interesting the vms2, is possible to connect tcvs as well as the vms4?


Experienced pro user
Posted Mon 21 Feb 11 @ 2:52 pm
so how would replace the buttons /faceplate from vms4 mk2 (traktor) to match the mapped out buttons by virtual dj?

let's say we go to style flip for the faceplate.. what about the buttons??


Professional edition user
Posted Tue 05 Apr 11 @ 4:46 am
Today I purchase the VMS4 so I'll post an update as soon play around with it.

Charlie Wilson

Experienced pro user
Posted Tue 05 Apr 11 @ 6:42 am

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